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Prospecting trip to Little Secret

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Prospecting trip to Little Secret

The Saturday before Mother's Day the Goldhounds, led by Don, made a trip to Little Secret. Don, it seems, was the only one who knew what and where the Secret was! We started out on a beautiful cool day with a large group. A tree had fallen blocking access to the dirt road, so we then started on the pathless journey. I went down a ravine to a little stream that supposedly led to the Secret. Don suggested that I keep to the "Hog Back" as I set out on my own. A ridge led down to a very steep forested incline to the main Secret. I hoped I was on my own "Littler Secret." I yelled up the mountain at times to make sure there was someone going in the general direction of my hike. Once in a while I heard people yelling down to me. That made me feel very secure!

We actually did meet at the bottom where my little Secret creek meets the big Secret. We split up and half went upstream and half down. The downstream team found very little and finally went to meet the upstream group. They were finding very little also it seems. Suddenly some of the Hounds started finding bigger flakes near a large bedrock area. I worked a small depression and found nothing. Then I came around the rocky area close to where Art was standing. Art pointed to a little crevice area saying it looked promising, I said that was my next place to dig, Art said he should get 10 % of any find! It turned out to be the perfect crevice, going down about 8 inches. I got a couple of cups of dirt in the pan and offered it to Don for $1.00. He refused.

I panned and found a perfect small nugget much to Art's surprise. We squabbled a while over the claim rights and finally I found no more and relinquished the digging rights to the crevice. Art mined the hole feverishly and to his surprise found his 10%, several smaller nice pieces. At this point the day was getting late so we started winding down and everyone had a great time climbing out of Don's Secret place. We will surely be back to explore the newly found Secret again.