Comments from my new prospecting friends that I have instructed.

I have always had an interest in gold prospecting, however I didn't have any idea how to find gold. I read articles on gold panning, searched the internet for tips on where to look, and purchased many books on how to find gold in California and none of these were as helpful as Jim Ruppel guided gold prospecting trips. Jim was able show me where to look, how to find the gold, and how to get it out of the earth. Jim was friendly and knowledgeable about prospecting. If it wasn't for Jim I would still be wasting time looking in the wrong areas. Jim was able to refine my searching techniques and pinpoint my search area to where the gold could be found. If you are serious about learning about prospecting, Jim can help you find gold!

Chris Auby


Thanks Jim... I was able to take the ring that I made for my fiancé and put the gold flakes we found into it. It make it that much more special when I proposed to her with it.


Jimmy Lin


Hi Jim, Great web site. I have been hunting things all my life; agates in Mississippi, Tree snails in the Florida Everglades, Rubies and Garnets in North Carolina, Turquoise in Nevada, and Fossils in Wyoming. Nothing compares to the allure and history of gold in California. There were only two things my dad wanted to do during his visit to California, He wanted to go to the horse races and gold planning. We didn't have much luck at the races, but we really enjoyed prospecting. Since then i have purchased the equipment you recommended and have taken my son and daughter out panning. The pictures i included are of my dad, the gold that i found on my second time panning, The last picture is a pendant i made using some of the the flakes i found, I fused these between a piece of clear and black glass. I look forward to learning sniping techniques from you in the future. Thanks,


Justin Roland


Thanks again for such a great day and sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. We learned so much and I know it will enhance our "findings" as well as our enjoyment, which is really why we do it anyways. And thanks for the photos. They turned out great! I'm planning to print them out and frame them since they are our only gold panning photos so far. Also,thanks for your generosity in offering so many other locations to try. We so appreciate you!